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Here is a random sampling of what our clients have to say about us:

"I really don't cherish the thought of what my life would be like without it. Since I have the ECU, I have no worries about being here by myself. I use the ECU to control my computer so that I may continue my education. Without this unit I would have a hard time communicating with my old friends, I most certainly would have to live in an institution. My hat is off to you. Thank you."

J.P. Jr.

"It has made my life infinitely easier and made me so much more independent allowing me to leave home and live at UMass on my own, from which incidentally, I graduated with my B.S in Civil and Environmental Engineering."


I have been using a Quartet ECU for almost two years. I am a quadriplegic, spending a lot of time in bed, without any use of my hands or fingers. With the Quartet, I am able to answer and dial the telephone, turn on and off lights, turn the ceiling fan on and off, operate my television, VCR, stereo, CD player and operate my computer completely by voice. I can turn the computer on and off and, using voice-activated software (NaturallySpeaking), control any and all programs installed. I can answer the doorbell through my intercom and open an automatic door that I already had installed. The freedom I have gained through this ECU makes it possible for me to stay at home by myself for longer periods of time, knowing that I can get someone for help whenever I need. I also have a remote unit on my wheelchair that allows me to perform the same functions when I am up. There are a number of options that will allow you to operate almost any electronic device. After two years, I cannot imagine being without it. This is the most complete liberating device for the home I have ever seen. I had tried switch operated telephones and television controls, but having everything in one unit is hands down the best!

Doug Maples
Tupelo, MS

"What a positive impact the Quartet Series Environmental Control Unit has had on my life. Regaining independence has contributed to boosting my self-esteem which, in turn, has given me the confidence to try and accomplish more in my life. I am amazed that a device can do so much without ever breaking down."

New York

"I can literally run the "world" with my Simplicity. It has completely changed my life in being able to cope with my disabilities. I was able to continue my business as a finance broker and business consultant. I believe that "Simplicity" is the greatest invention made since the "safety pin"!

P. C.

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