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An Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is an electronic device that allows even the most seriously handicapped persons to manipulate and control their surroundings. It allows them to perform many of the daily tasks which they normally must depend on others to do for them.

The user of an Environmental Control Unit issues instructions by spoken command or by whichever switch method he or she can most easily manage to operate a wide range of electrical devices such as lights, telephones, computers, thermostats, electric beds, televisions, VCRs etc. With our radio remote control accessory, the user can be in any room in the house or outside in the yard and remain in control. The Environmental Control Unit stays put yet fully available to the user.

Our products make every aspect of home and business life accessible. Using an Environmental Control Unit has allowed even the most severely challenged individuals to find work once again, to return to school or simply discover the joy of being free to surf the net or read a book without help.

The benefits of an Environmental Control Unit will impact the entire family as they will be relieved of the stress of providing constant care to a loved one and of the financial hardship of hiring a caretaker to fill in.

A Simplicity Environmental Control Unit installs in your home easily, with no special wiring required. Each unit is custom built to meet the individual’s needs and carries a two year warranty. Quartet provides a built-in back-up 8 hour battery with every unit that ensures you can call for help even when the power fails and since our unit works independently from your personal computer, you’re guaranteed round-the-clock, crash-free service.



phone  1.978.957.4328   fax  978.957.8366

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