Dedicated to improving the lives of the physically challenged and the people who care for them.

  "I really don't cherish the thought of what my life would be like without it. Since I have the ECU, I have no worries about being here by myself. I use the ECU to control my computer so that I may continue my education. Without this unit I would have a hard time communicating with my old friends, I most certainly would have to live in an institution. My hat is off to you. Thank you."

J.P. Jr.

  • Quartet has vastly improved the voice recognition system used in the AIO ECU. Beginning in 2011, all Simplicity II AIO ECUs include the new Quartet Voice Recognition(QVR)system.[more

  • The Simplicity II Environmental Control Unit (ECU) is now even more versatile with its new exclusive patented infrared (IR) capabilities.[more

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